Examples of Case Studies That Worked

find a good case study example to followAs a student, it is a regular requirement for you to make case studies. And writing a case study can be a hard endeavor. But there are already examples of case studies that have worked for other people, some of these works can be similar to the case study you are working on right now. So this means you can use them as references and guides for your project. But you must be able to know how to cite a case study properly and provide the necessary paraphrasing for your study. But there are a lot of case studies you can use as examples. These case studies cover business ethics, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, physics, education research, marketing, biology, psychology and much more.

Our Team

case template to write my case studyThis is where our team comes in we have a dedicated number of professional case study writers that help you find good case study examples you can use. Whether you need a business case example, social science case example, marketing case example or whatever case examples you might need. And we can find the examples that have worked for other people before.  Here are some ways a case study can help you:

  • Provide you with a case study analysis template
  • Provide you a good case study outline
  • Provide you a guide on how to draft your case studies
  • Give you an idea in which direction your case study should go
  • Give you assurances that you topic is viable because someone also got the same conclusion

There are many ways you can try to find an example of a case study report for your requirements like the library or the web. But this can take up a lot of time on your part. If you hire us to help you on your case studies we will not only help you find examples of your work, but we can also do the proofreading as well. And our team can provide you with the necessary case study analysis example to make it easier for you to understand the topics well. We can also show you a sample case study report that can give you an idea on how to report on case study.

But that is not only the services we can provide to you. We also provide a wide range of services that include:  

  • Provide you the best case study examples
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  • Free proofreading

In this way, you can still learn the best ways in making a case study outline and overall analysis. It is important to learn how to write case studies yourself. By writing it you not only learn about the topic your instructor gives you but you can also do research and report the topics after. This will not help you remember the topic but it will also give you a slight mastery over it as well. A UNSW case study pointer says “In writing the case study”:

Define the task 

Use checklists as a guide. Ask questions like what is the context/background of the case study? What appears to be the problem? What questions or instructions were you given by the instructor? What tools will you use for the analysis? How will the report be presented?

Consider which theories and analysis tools may apply to the situation 

Before getting started with the research, examine the main sources touching your topic. You need to know who worked with the problem and what results were achieved to avoid repeating someone else’s studies. Otherwise, your paper will bring nothing new to science. Follow these steps in order to use the necessary analysis tools that may apply to your case study:

  • Identify the problems of the study
  • Apply analysis tools
  • Document your results and ideas
Make recommendations 

Recommendations are a clear statement of what action should be taken to solve the problems you have postulated in your case study. “For each part of your solution you should ask yourself” (Jarvis 2002):

  • Will it work?
  • Why will it work?
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • Who will do it?
  • Are the chosen specialists capable of doing it?
Timing sequence
  • How much will it cost? What is the pay-off?
Forming a Conclusion 

A conclusion can is then drawn from the analysis and questions. You should also consider the limitations of your recommendations since there are time and budget constraints.

Writing the report 

After that, you can begin writing the report in the standard format of the case study. Plan when you will do your research and when you want to write your drafts. And then create a checklist of all the parts of a standard case study so you can be updated which ones are done. If the report needs a presentation our team can help here as well.

Prepare Cover Page

Here you can use a case study assignment template of a cover page as a guide. There are plenty of examples on the web.

Prepare the Reference List

After that is done you will have to prepare the reference list of all the research you have done. This will include the books, authors and researchers that you have based your case study with.

Final Edit 

In this stage, you will have to not only check for grammatical errors but also check for inconsistency in your paper.

And to help you save time in researching and editing, you can always ask help from the professional case writers in our team. Not only will they prove to be a great guide for you and future case studies. But they can also provide their expertise to help you get a good mark on your case study. We have the right operations management to be able to provide you with the necessary help and services you need at right time without delays.

Use examples of case studies as your guidance or call us right now and avail of our services, your satisfaction is guaranteed!