How to Conduct a Case Study: Objective and Outline, Report and Analysis

faqs on conducting a case study researchIt is important for a student to be able to learn how to conduct a case study especially since it has become a basic standard among universities and other colleges. And in order to learn the basics of a case study, here are the FAQs that can serve as your guide if you decide to write the case study on your own.

How to write a case study report?

A case study report is a lot easier to make than an entire case study. It is only a form of summary of a previously made case study.

What is the purpose of a case study?

Knowledge. The primary purpose of a case study is to help the student to understand a particular topic in their subject matter. You will need to research the topic before you write it; with this alone, a student can gain a quite a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Professionalism. Another advantage of writing a case study is learning how to organize your paper, structure your thoughts and work with the literature. Basically, it forms a specialist, who is able to think critically and logically.

How do you cite a case study?

Citing a case study is similar to citing references like books, journals, magazines, and even e-sources. Depending on the format you need to follow, the citation would start with the authors of the case study, followed by the title, and other details about it.

When to use a case study?

Using a case study depends on your professor or the subject matter you have at hand. You use a case study if there is a specific problem that requires a solution. And the best way to prove what solution is the best among others is through a case study.

How to create a good case study?

Here are a few tips you can use to help you know how to create a good case study:

  1. Define the task – use checklists as a guide. Ask questions like what is the context/background of the case study? How do you cite a case study?  What appears to be the problem? What tools will you use for the analysis? Etc.
  2. Consider theories and analysis tools – follow these steps in order to apply the necessary analysis tools that may apply to your case study.
    • Identify the problems of the study
    • What is a case study analysis tool and when do I use it?
    • Document your results, ideas and research
  3. Make recommendations and form conclusions – recommendations are a clear statement of what action should be taken to solve the problems you have postulated in your case study. A conclusion can then be drawn from this analysis and questions. You should also consider the limitations of your recommendations since there are time and budget constraints.
    “For each part of your solution you should ask yourself” (Jarvis 2002):

    • Will it work? Why will it work? Or what could possibly go wrong?
    • Who will do it? Are they capable of doing it?
    • How much will it cost? How long is a case study usually going to finish?
  4. Write the report – after that, you can begin writing the report in the standard format of the case study. Plan when you will do your research and when you want to write your drafts. And then create a checklist of all the parts of a standard case study so you can be updated which ones are done.
  5. Prepare the reference list – after that is done you will have to prepare the reference list of all the research you have done. This will include the books, authors and researchers that you have based your case study with.
  6. Final edit – in this stage you will have to not only check for grammatical errors but also check for inconsistency in your paper. In this way, you can give an error-free final paper.
How long is a case study?

The length of the case study depends on the format required in your university. There are short case study reports that can only be around 1000 to 3000 words. The more thorough ones though would around 10,000 words.

Why use a case study approach?

You use a case study approach for providing solutions to problems that require more than just a simple answer but must include data, charts, and arguments for the solution.

How to do a business case study?

Writing a business case study is similar to writing a normal case study. The only difference is that you need to cite the business that you considered in the study, including the problems they have and your proposed solution. All in all, a usual case study puts more emphasis on theory, while business case study elaborates more exact problems.

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